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The Open Garage now started stocking Arduino starter kits, which you can get at 35€ and learn to use in an evening in the garage.

The goal of this tutorial is very generic for any beginner, you'll learn all the basics to use digital, analog and serial inputs and outputs on the Arduino, allowing you to transfer your digital skills into the physical world.

Kit contents

The setup of the kit is really minimal and elementary, but complete to extend your everyday laptop. It is generic for lots of electronics use cases and will get you on the path to interfacing with specific components for specific projects.

  • 1 Arduino UNO Rev3
  • 1 USB type B cable
  • 1 half-size breadboard
  • 10 male-male premium jumpwires
  • 10 220Ohm resistors
  • 5 10KOhm resistors
  • 3 red LEDs
  • 3 green LEDs
  • 3 yellow LEDs
  • 2 PCB buttons
  • 1 thermistor (NTC)
  • 1 photoresistor